It appears as though the dominion Hearts 3 Xbox One version may have been cancelled. As the follow up continues to be heavily anticipated by fans, it appears such as the lengthy wait may not be worthwhile, a minimum of for Xbox One proprietors. Of course, this really is all just speculation until Microsoft verifies it, but there’s some proof, quite sad.

Based on Anime News Network, visiting the Kingdom Hearts 3 page on Microsoft’s site results in a mistake. Although this might just be a technical problem, it might also imply that the sport isn’t visiting Microsoft’s current-gen console. In either case, there is nothing official until Microsoft constitutes a statement.

Only Cancelled In Japan?

The Xbox has not been popular in Japan. It’s entirely possible that it could simply be japan Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One which will get canceled. That’s a longshot, but it isn’t impossible. In the end, most Japanese fans prefer their PS3 within the Xbox One.

That being stated, Kingdom Hearts is among the greatest gaming qualities at this time. Though it may not prosper in Japan, Square Enix would would like it to be accessible in each and every console. Can be if it’s really canceled.


Is Kingdom Hearts Ps Exclusive?

It’s worth observing the two Kingdom Hearts collections never found Xbox 360 Console. Most likely the series is constantly remain PS exclusive, since it’s been taken lower by Microsoft. Obviously, it might always return, but we will need to wait and find out.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 isn’t visiting the Xbox One either. Possibly Kingdom Hearts 3 never was meant arrive at the Xbox One. Although it was marketed for Microsoft’s current-gen console, the possible lack of previous support may have tried it in. In either case, likelihood of the sport visiting the Xbox One may have decreased.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One continues to have no release date, that has made fans impatient. The sport is scheduled for any PS4 and Xbox One release, however the latter may not have it any longer. A minimum of Final Fantasy 15 continues to be visiting the Microsoft console.