Lately, Konami launched a trailer for his or her approaching Metal Gear entry without Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Survive. The approaching game’s trailer shows Outer Paradise along with other soldiers battling some zombies. However, some fans could dig details about former Metal Gear director Kojima’s suggestions for a spook game. Is Metal Gear Survive still Kojima’s idea?

On Kojima’s official Twitter account in 2013, he expressed curiosity about creating a zombie game. Based on Edge [via Eurogamer] last 2007, Kojima’s idea for that zombie game is the fact that gamers wouldn’t have the ability to control the sport whatsoever, only watch their zombified character attack other humans. The only real factor gamers could do was alter the camera angles, Kojima stated. However, Metal Gear Survive might not be this zombie game because the lately launched trailer is action-packed.

Furthermore, P.T and also the cancelled Silent Hillsides project may fit Kojima’s vision for any “zombie game” because of their horror styles. In the past, Konami’s Silent Hill franchise tackled survival horror although more about mental horror and occult configurations instead of scientifically reanimated corpses. Konami cancelled the Silent Hillsides project and Kojima left the organization, so it’s entirely possible that the approaching Metal Gear zombie game may really be purely envisioned by Konami, outside of Kojima’s formerly directed Metal Gear records.

As observed in a clip from IGN, the storyline of Metal Gear Survive accumulates following the Mother Is made of destroyed, and also the primary Metal Gear figures have previously left on the chopper. Other generic soldiers were mostly left for dead within the breaking facility. All of a sudden, a swirling vortex on the horizon soaks up the damaged Mother Base, and all sorts of soldiers on-site are come to a apparently different dimension.

A clip shows the theme of “Soldiers without Borders” because they must discard their previous allegiances which help one another discover a way using this dimension. The sport veers more toward Action, Military, and Sci-fi compared to zombie game that Kojima envisioned. Unless of course Konami implements a permadeath system, it’s entirely odd to apply Kojima’s “zombie camera” feature within this game.

Furthermore, Metal Gear Survive may be the only AAA game that Konami introduced aside from the next entry of professional Evolution Soccer following the company’s production shift and Kojima’s departure. Notable setback factors such as the cancellation of Silent Hillsides, Kojima’s pending intend to leave the organization at that time, and also the company’s shift from AAA game development might have spurred Konami to demonstrate towards the public that they’re still making AAA games. However, we’ll need to wait for a game’s release to gauge Konami’s undertake the Metal Gear series without Kojima aboard.