As guaranteed, Hello Games lately launched a No Man’s Sky update. Patch 1.05 not just focused greatly on fixing the game’s performance using the pc, it fixed a number of user reported issues around the PS4. Using the patch notes lately delivering, it’s pretty simple to keep an eye on just how much the sport has enhanced publish-update.

No Man’s Sky for that PC released horribly and also the game carried out very poorly whatever the PC setup. Patch 1.05 addresses these problems is a number of ways. Among the greatest enhancements would be that the game will support Computers running on AMD Phenom. Gamers who’re also encountering crashes when utilizing Alt Tab will gladly realize that the sport continues playing even if switching tabs.

Framerate drops will also be not as likely because of a fix to Shader Caching. Furthermore, the sport will run in 30/60 FPS when it’s occur the configurations unlike before.

Issue Fixes

Patch 1.05 also fixed a number of reported bugs. Lots of crash triggers happen to be fixed including crashes occurring during checking, after warping so when warping in the freighter. Getting stuck underneath the terrain seemed to be a typical issue before, but it’s all been taken proper care of using the update. Gamers shouldn’t be worried about the sport being stuck or just being unplayable now.

Corrupted Save Files

A typical woe of gamers would be that the game could frequently create troubles by corrupting save files. Both PC and PS4 gamers should gladly realize that even corrupted save files is now able to loaded.

Despite all of the enhancements produced by no Man’s Sky update, there’s something which gamers should concern yourself with. Redditor DanVeytia reviews that PSN storage save can’t load following the update. He erased the sport and re-installed it to get into his saves again via a backup. It isn’t yet known if this sounds like a remote situation, but getting a backup save is suggested for the time being.