Destineer’s Bold Dungeon Siege port

Destineer’s Bold, its Mac-porting label, would be to release Microsoft’s fast-action role-playing game (RPG) Dungeon Siege for that Mac.

The title grew to become the seventh top selling game for Home windows in 2002, winning Editor’s Choice Honours from PC Gamer, Video Games Magazine, Gamespot, PC Zone and much more. Dungeon Siege for that Mac should ship at the begining of 2003.

Dungeon Siege is really a fantasy RPG with a focus on combat and action. Occasions are positioned inside a gigantic, continuous, fully three dimensional world that stretches in most directions. Gamers can peer lower from ledges in their enemies, mix bridges over realistic chasms (highlighted) and climb towers. The experience features dungeons and mountain adventures without any intervening loading screens.

Group fun

Gamers travel alone or perhaps in parties as high as eight figures, all parties member could be set to react in a different way to given situations, and also to follow formations.

The sport will also support multi-player action. Human gamers can group as much as enroll in a party over neighborhood systems or even the Internet.

Destineeer’s president is Peter Tamte, formerly of MacSoft, Apple and Bungie Galleries. Destineer evolves and publishes games for Computers, Macs and gaming consoles, and it is presently creating a proprietary three dimensional game engine. The Mac pc port of Dungeon Siege has been carried out by Westlake Interactive.

Bold may be the company’s Mac pc label devoted to getting a lot of Microsoft’s games towards the Mac, including Halo, Dungeon Siege, Chronilogical age of Empires II and Links Championship Edition. In related news, Halo for that Mac is anticipated to ship concurrently using the PC version in summer time 2003.