MWC: On the job with Motorola Xoom

Motorola is showing its Xoom tablet, the first one to be running Google’s Android 3. (also known as Honeycomb) operating-system, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Macworld has already established an intensive hands-on test using the new tablet and may are convinced that it provides a fascinating retort towards the iPad, one which ought to provide to have an competitive market this year.

In certain respects the house screen for that Motorola Xoom is similar to the Android phones we have examined. Present are a mix of symbols to produce programs, and icons that display information (weather, photos, mail, and so forth). Touching an apps icon (now within the top-right from the screen) raises a overview of all of the apps and programs around in top 1 / 2 of the screen are representations of every screen and dragging the icon to 1 of individuals shows adds the shortcut towards the desltop.

When around the desltop you are able to swipe right and left to navigate between all of the different apps and icons. Such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Motorola Xoom (and even all Android capsules) eliminates the physical home button. Rather an online home button now regularly seems at the base left from the display (plus a virtual back and multi-tasking apps button).

The virtual buttons towards the bottom left, apps within the top right, and mixture of icons and symbols in multiple screens all indicate a tool that trades instant ease of access for wider customization features and elevated functionality this really is something which could frustrate Xoom proprietors around please them. Long term testing will inform.