Counter-Strike: GO ‘Operation Wildfire’ update reintroduces classic Nuke map

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is searching ahead to the newest campaign, getting released Operation Wildfire now. This premium package provides newer and more effective goals and Challenge Missions for CS:GO gamers, opening the doorway to earn newer and more effective weapon finishes and special weapon drops. However, you will find a number of free choices that Valve’s contributing to this update and something might look very familiar to lengthy-time supporters of Counter-Strike.

Individuals which have adopted Counter-Strike from the earliest days understand the classic DE_Nuke map which was launched way in November 1999. Now a more recent form of Nuke continues to be launched, with several aesthetic changes that provide it a 2016 visual upgrade.

“The primary goals of the complete overhaul and re-build from the map would improve game play by supplying the Terrorist team with increased tactical options, and also to aesthetically upgrade the map having a greater-quality, more readable aesthetic,” reads the Counter-Strike website. “We attempted to adjust rotation occasions between your stacked bombsites, Counter-Terrorist proper charge of the rafters, and added a brand new outside attack route. Community feedback via forum posts, video analysis and email was instrumental in gathering an abundance of potential changes and insightful suggestions.”

Changes start adding some alterations in top of the bombsite to create defense harder for Counter-Terrorists, with rafter space restricted for additional foreseeable encounters. Meanwhile, the low bombsite has switched the primary path in the tunnels via a new purification room. The explosive device-planting area has additionally been broadened. The vent area hooking up the 2 explosive device sites happen to be altered from the H-formed hallway for an S-contour around make defense feel just a little simpler.

The most recent update may also add seven community-produced maps towards the Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch playlists. They’re Cruise, Coast, Empire, Mikla, Royal, Santorini, and Tulip.

All the info on Operation Wildfire, including Blitz Missions and also the new Bowie Knife, are available around the Counter-Strike Global Offensive website. The entire patch notes are available here. Individuals that get the Operation Wildfire Access Pass may have until Next Month to accomplish their missions.