Cod: Advanced Warfare requires a Deep Dive into multi-player

Cod: Advanced Warfare is nearly two several weeks from trembling in the gaming world, and we have already provided some extensive coverage around the forthcoming follow up, along with the franchise itself through this extensive timeline (in 2 parts, believe it or not). Now, Activision has asked us to consider an in-depth Dive into multi-player by having an all-new trailer.

Split into sections which include Exo Movement, Personalization, Maps and Modes, a clip takes a closer inspection when it comes to that which you expect in the forthcoming mode, that ought to match well using the game’s single player campaign. Even when you do not get to experience as Kevin Spacey.

Browse the footage below.

Cod: Advanced Warfare drops on November fourth for Xbox One, Xbox 360 Console, Ps 3 and Ps 4.