BF3 “To Karkand” DLC currently available for PC and Xbox 360 Console

Battleground 3 “To Karkand” DLC just released for PC and Xbox 360 Console. The DLC has already been readily available for PS3 gamers. To Karkand DLC features Two Battleground 2 and Bad Company 2 maps, retouched with Frosbite 2 engine with new automobiles, accomplishments, guns and dog tags.

Battlefield 3

The complete details about Back to Karkand DLC content is listed below. Check it out:

  • 4 Revisited classic BF2 maps
  • 10 Iconic BF2 weapons
  • 8 New personal customization camos
  • 3 New vehicles
  • 5 New Achievements/Trophies
  • 10 New custom dogtags

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