‘Super Prism’ LCDs capture every colour

New information through the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich could bring high-finish LCD colour abilities to LCD and television screens.

Arrays of 1000’s of small “super prisms” controlled by automatic muscles can manipulate light to breed the entire spectrum of colors on the watch’s screen, modifying the brightness of every coloured subpixel to produce a palette of countless different shades.

Presently shows are restricted regarding the number of colours they are able to reproduce. It is because the 3 primary colours – eco-friendly, blue and red – accustomed to reproduce on-screen colour are fixed. The brand new product is not restricted to this three colour system.

The Zurich team behind the study thinks the technique will have the ability to obtain nearer to reproducing every colour we have seen within the real life. We’ve got the technology is described at length inside a BBC report.

The job was transported by helping cover their Professor Andreas Stemmer in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and it is printed in america journal, Optics Letters.


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