Adobe launches Premiere Pro CS6: faster performance, better colour correction

Adobe is using theNAB 2012 exhibition in Las Vegas to launch aspects of its Production Premium suite. Along with After Effects CS6, Adobe has launched Premiere Pro CS6 with a redesigned interface and playback engine, Photoshop/AE-style Adjustment layers, new Warp Stabilizer and Three Way Colour Corrector effects – and there are two new companion products, Prelude and SpeedGrade.

The announcement follows the release of a beta version of Photoshop CS6 last month. The rest of CS6 is expected to be launched within the first half of this year.

Premiere Pro CS6 has a new interface that gives over the top part of the screen to the Source and Program monitors. The amount of buttons has been reduced drastically – though you can add back some or all of them. The Project panel has 16:9 scrubbable thumbnails, to which you can add trim marks.

The improved Mercury Playback Engine delivers even more performance from multi-core processors, according to Adobe. While still largely tied to Nvidia’s CUDA engine – where it now supports Tesla add-in boards for even greater performance – Open CL acceleration has been added to allow AMD graphics chips in the latest Apple MacBook Pros to be tapped as well. Other AMD cards won’t deliver the same performance benefits.

The Warp Stabilizer is equivalent to that put into Consequences CS5.5. This takes your shaky footage and is applicable two passes without anyone’s knowledge to analyse after which use the correction. Like Consequences CS6, there’s moving shutter repair, to eliminate the rippling motion common on dslr footage

Adjustment layers work much like individuals in Consequences, and in a different way to individuals in Illustrator. They’re basically empty clips that take a seat on tracks within the Timeline much like traditional footage, and also the effects are applying for them are put on regardless of the outcomes of what’s below appears like.

Enhanced multicam editing enables you to definitely edit using more than four cameras the very first time – there isn’t any limit beyond the number of streams your pc are designed for at the same time.

Redesigned Audio Mixer and Audio Meters sections, different-coloured markers to create distinguishing simpler, support for gestural controls on the Mac trackpad, as well as an enhanced Media Encoder.

Prelude CS6 doesn’t ship with Premiere Pro CS6, but you will have it with Creative Suite 6 Production Premium or perhaps a Creative Cloud subscription. It’s a standalone consume and logging application for dealing with file-based media. Large categories of taken media could be rapidly introduced in and catalogued, after which just the clips you’ll need delivered to Premiere Pro.

SpeedGrade CS6 can also be only accessible included in Creative Suite 6 Production Premium or perhaps a Creative Cloud. Bought included in Adobe’s purchase of Iridas this past year, it’s an expert-level colour grading tool much like Apple’s Color that previously ship alongside Final Cut Pro in Final Cut Studio. This looks to become basically exactly the same tool as Iridas’s – it doesn’t stick to the same interface conventions because the relaxation of CS6, though thinking about its focussed approach, this may be a great factor.

SpeedGrade CS6 continues to be integrated with Premiere Pro CS6 to some extent though, because the editors gains a Send to SpeedGrade command.

Adobe has not launched particulars of prices or when CS6 will ship, beyond verifying it will likely be within the first half of the season.