Saints Row 4 Finally Visiting Australia Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is not banned around australia

Saints Row 4 has already established a tough duration of it, for any lengthy time that it may haven’t even been offered around australia, being banned not once, but two times. But things might have altered.

Deep Silver has posted a “slightly modified” form of the sport towards the Australian Classification Board and based on local distributor, AIE Interactive, continues to be granted an MA15 rating, meaning it will likely be obtainable in Aus.

AIE states the variations are:

“…only insofar as a single short optional mission has been removed in order to comply with Australian legislation… the offending section, which contained drug use related to incentives and rewards…”

AIE also said that:

“[The modified] mission has been the subject of much discussion recently for featuring the use of virtual alien narcotics by the player character, which could potentially improve certain superpowers temporarily within the game.”

There is another portion of the game that was causing issues too–an alien rectal probe. That is permitted to free flow into Australia.

“The Rectifier Probe weapon, which has also been part of the discussion, is still due to be released as part of the Season Pass DLC package, as has always been intended both for Australia and the rest of the world.”

Meaning it’s most likely area of the Go Into The Dominatix DLC.

Deep Silver introduced throughout a statement the content that was removed would be a loyalty mission featuring Shaundi. Additionally they stated,

“This mission represents approximately 20 minutes of gameplay out of the hours available to purchasers. The removal of this mission has no negative impact on the story or the superpowers and will not detract from the enjoyment players will get from their Saints Row 4 experience.”

So great.

Exactly what do you consider what is the news? Australians, still angry at the Classification Board? Do you consider using the R18 getting passed, farmville must have been permitted? I actually do. Well, a minimum of this really is great news for Australia and Saints Row 4–they’re finally beginning to obtain along.



  1. “Why can’t game develope1 make decisio1 on their own?”nThey very clearly can. It’s just that people are free to provide criticism of those decisio1. Just like people are free to disagree. I tend to think the complete absence of POC was a problem but the HoS expa1ion vastly improved the situation.n”This also highlights an interesting and frustrating hypocrisy- if every character in the Witcher unive1e was based on people from central Africa, this wouldn’t even be brought up.”nCalling that a “frustrating hypocrisy” ignores the pretty significant differences between those two situatio1. The situation is significant better than it used to be, but people of color have routinely been excluded from games/shows/books. Can you think of a single game where every character is black? Because I’m sure we could come up with a lot of games where every character is white.

  2. It’s not a deal breaker, it’d be a nice feature to have in there but at the same time if leaving it out mea1 the hardware of the new machine can be better, fine by me. Like Tasuki posted, it’s best to also avoid a situation like the PS3 had this when Sony included the feature then got some hell from co1ume1 (rightly so) when it had to be removed.