God of War: Rise: New Villians revealed, first image also out

At PAX Prime, The new sony has revealed new opponents contributing character Kratos is going to be facing in approaching PS3 exclusive “God of War: Rise”. As reported by the particulars revealed at PAX Prime, Kratos will face Sirens, the 3 femme fatales of Greek Mythology.

Megara in God of War: Ascension

The new sony says these 3 terrifying ladies have the effect of holding bond to Kratos’ Soul, and they’ve arrive to gather it. A shor teaser trailer seemed to be demonstrated in the panel feature among the three Furies for action, her name is MEGARA.

Browse the picture of MEGARA in the teaser trailer below.

Megara in God of War: Ascension


Watch God of War: Rise new trailer launched at PAX Prime 2012.